UV mapping checking

Hello guys, I modelled a unicycle and I don’t know much about UV map can you check these and tell me if anything is wrong?

There is a space top of the picture, how can I fix it , is it a problem? should I put it in a square?

Looking at this, I am going to gess you used the “pack islands” tool. If that’s the case, you are getting lots of empty space because the long pieces prevent everything else from being scaled any bigger than this. The solution would be to split the long parts in smaller sections.

Do you need to fill the square?
That depends on how you plan to texture the model. If you are doing texture painting or baking, then the square should be filled so little texture space is wasted.

However, if you are only using seamless textures, the square doesn’t really matter and you can even scale the uvs outside the square or overlap them and it will still work.

Apart from that space issue, what do you think about mapping it is okey, or there are things that should be improved ? and if there is what are they?

And yes I will do painting so I should fix the space issue then.

For painting, this should be good enough, you are on the right track.

If you want to do better, I see that at least some of the parts seem unfolded using the automatic option. One thing you could do is learn the “mark seam” tool, which would allow you to decide where the texture seams are placed and get cleaner UVs, without the tiny fragmented pieces.

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I used mark seam

I will paint this in adobe substance, which of these UV maps will be better, the first one I shared above, or this one.

Excellent, that new map is much better for painting.

There is just one last thing I would check if you haven’t already: select all the UVs and use the “Average Islands Scale” tool. This will make each UV island the correct size compared to each other so the texture is the same resolution all over the model. Then of course use the “pack islands” tool to put them back in a neat layout (make sure you use a little bit of the margin setting, to leave a small amount of space between the islands). If all of this is complete, then you are ready to export and paint the model.

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After I did Average Islands Scale and Pack Islands. It looks like this.

That’s because we are now back to the original problem with the long pieces. The way to solve that one would be to mark multiple seams all around the wheel so it gets split in shorter sections when unwrapping.

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Thanks for all your help and comments.

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