UV-mapping Crashes blender

Im making my blending-life face, but when trying to add the UV-texture to my model, blender freeze and i have to restart my computer. Now, I have tried to format my C: drive and reinstall windows XP (it was filled up anyway) but this still happens.

Anybody experiencing this? Is it a bug, or is it my PC which is the problem?

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t had this problem in linux or windows with 2.48. Are you using updated graphics drivers? What kind of card do you have?

I have a NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT graphis card, and because of the recently installed XP, the driver is not yet updated. However it was updated before, but were still freezing the computer.

Hey guys, this is really freaking me out! This happens the intance that I work with UV textures. Please help!!!

Hm dunno why I’ve posted it in this forum, sry guys. Can it be moved by a moderator Please?
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Please respond if you know anything! Please!