UV mapping doesn't like me


just trying to (literally as it turns out) wrap my head around UV mapping and my strong sense it that it maps images to faces in a totally random fashion in terms of orientation.
Is this a known issue or me being thick?
The same image mapped to the same face of the same cube in a new project will be pasted on sideways or upside down and every effort on my part to change this via “unwrap” or the vertice thingies in th UV window only makes it worse.

Can anyone point me to a solution of this problem?

Also, I can’t see my mapped images when I render it (shift+p) even though the sun seems to light the scenery well enough.

Marco :slight_smile:

You used angle based UVunwrapping?

You need to define seams first, select edges in edge mode then select ‘mark seam’ in the edge menu.

See the selection called rotate uv’s in the uvface menu? That will rotate them.

There are a lot of ways to unwrap, and a lot more information for you to read to understand it.

And then even more information to learn, things like pinning, ctrl c in the uv image editor.

Your uv points will be specific to the model, how you added it( from what view), and how many times to rotated it or moved it about, etc.

Keep trying and reading about uv mapping, there are many tutorials available in the file below.

Seams will help the unwrap algorithm figure out what edges can be cut. Unwrapping heads can be a real art and you would think that unwrapping a simple cube would be trivial in comparison, right? How many blender artists reading this thread could select the correct edges to define as seams in a cube so that it lays out flat in one unwrap operation?


What a great 1-page dump of UV unwrapping info!

To render UV-mapped faces, turn on TexFace in the materials node for that object.

thanks thanks for now :smiley:
I’ll post my progress soonish.


Another unwrapping heads tutorial.

hmmm! ‘rotate UV’ works like a charm. It’s basically what I was hoping to achieve.
Thanks a lot!

Now I just need to conquer the other problem (making the UV textures visible in the render).

Any hints?

Marco :slight_smile:

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