UV Mapping Fail

Hi guys!

I’m new with Blender and not very familiar it all, but I’m trying to… So I’m learning with great tutorials by Andrew Price’s Architecture Academy, so when I’m making my model, in the tutorial, he do this:

  • Select the volume (rectangular prism), then he goes to > Edit Mode then, select all edges (4) then press Ctrl + E > Mark Seam.

I do the same thing, then in the video tutorial, he does:

  • Deselect the object, press Ctrl + A > Scale, then select again the object and press U > Unwrap (see image No.1) and they unwrap correctly the object.

I do the same steps but only gets this ( see image No.2). Could anybody help me please? I just need it to continue with the exercise.

Please forgive me if my question is a little bit noob, but I just had 3 weeks using Blender and I like it very much, but I can’t know why these (image No.2) happens.

Thanks very much to all!

Pd. Forgive my horrible english, I’m spanish spoken but I make my best effort to be clearly! :slight_smile:


No.1 http://k32.kn3.net/F/3/3/C/D/0/DAF.png
No.2 http://k41.kn3.net/7/6/D/1/3/6/E4C.png

Unwrap will only unwrap selected vertices/edges/faces. Select them all in edit mode with the A key and then press U.