UV mapping : first attempt

heres a quick test on uv mapping my first try
c&c welcome but its just a test to c what happens because i am working on another model which i ma wishing to texture and animate


i hope it’s supposed to be a rock with moss on it, cause that’s what it looks like.

Not bad.

You should really apply a test map so you can see where the stretching is happening and get it fixed before you apply the actual UV map.

You can get a test image here

Check out my Vampire WIP here to see what I mean.


BgDM, What do you do to fix the stretching? go back in and change the unwrapping? eg. find better seams before you unwrap the model?

or, do some sort of painting technique on the image to make the wrapped model look like there is no stretching?

It’s a lot of vert tweaking and pinning in the UV editor to get the stretching down to a minimum. Also a lot of seam changes for sure.

Sometimes you just have to live with what you get and yes, you can touch it up in post via Photoshop or Gimp.