UV mapping for NURBS surfaces possible??

(Jerk) #1

:-? I tried to find some information about UV mapping on NURBS on the net, in the Blender books and in the program itself.

It does not seem to work:

Every face of the NURBS has the whole image texture attached to it instead of the image being stretched across the surface.

I don t know if it works with NURBS at all or just with polygons.

I am using Blender2.22 right now ( it is the most stable version on Linux)

Thanx in advance Blenderheads

(BgDM) #2

You must convert the nurbs surface to a mesh in Blender for the UV mapping to work properly. Use “ALT+C” to convert to a mesh. Sometimes Blender will keep the original nurbs surface there, (it will say in the pop-up window “convert to mesh - keep original”), so just make sure you delete the nurbs surface and not the mesh one that was created.

Now, on another note, you can UV texture a poly mesh with sub-surf on, it is a little harder to get it to fit properly, but it does work.

Just remember, if you are going to UV texture, then always convert to mesh and you will have no problems.


(Jerk) #3

Hey BgDM,

Thanks for the advice.

The answer to the problem was already here in the forum:

  1. You must activate ‘UV ORCO’ in the EDITBUTTONS-window of the NURBS-object.

  2. Then in the MATERIALS-window switch on ‘ORCO’ for the 2D mapping.

  3. You should see a very rough preview in a 3D window with z-buffer and texures on [ ALT-Z ].

But the placement of Textures is still pretty hard.
Easiest with all uniform nodes in the NURBS.

Of course you can still convert the NURBS to meshes, but its not always a good idea. :smiley: