UV Mapping - help / guidance needed.


I’m working on a space ship and need

Here is the top.

I used Project From View and the lines along the y axis are fine.
It’s the curved lines along x axis that I want to be straight.
So what should I do? I tried out just about every option in U key menu.
I tried Live Transform and pining and but I couldn’t get it to lay out like a grid.
I do know about Align and have used before just to check it out.
So is there any other way besides Align?

Project from view will do exactly what you have there. It just projects whatever is in the view onto the UV texture and does not attempt any unwraping or flatening. What you need for your spaceship is to do a cylindrical unwrap. I can only give you this hint since I’m also new to UV mapping in BLender and I would not know for sure how to do a cylindrical unwrap. But I know this is what you need and I know Blender have the tools to do that.