UV mapping - help needed

This is my first attempt at UV mapping. I watched GreyBeard’s LSCM UV tutorial and Spaghettimoon.co.uk Basic UVmapping. From those tutorials I selected the area I want to apply UV mapping exported a UV face layout opened it in Photoshop and added the image. Then when I went back into blender and imported the updated image the result was not what I expected. The last few letters are out of wake.

Can you just UV map a section of a model?

I also tried applying the subdurf and then applying the UV map. Result was better but still not correct. Should I have exported the face layout again?

Are there any tutorials that show UVmapping with shapes other than squares etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Looks like this part of your model will work better with “projection from view”, since you need your text displayed properly. Or try conformal uv-method (f9 “uv-calculation” tab). (but I doubt that´ll work much better. Unwrap works best if your object is evenly changing it´s angles across polys. Any abprupt angle changes are hard for the algorythm to deal with. If your model is mechanical and has rather hard edges, angles and planes, start out with projection mapping. You can also apply a checkerboard texture to help you see wich mapping method will give the best results while you unwrap.

Thanks makkE

I try uv-calculation tab and you where correct it did not seem to make a difference.

What did seem to work is the ArchiMap UV Projection Unwrapper. Is this what you where talking about?

I have 2 questions,

Note in the image seems to tile itself and I can not seem to fine an option to turn off tilling. Is there an option or do I just add some white space in the image?

I’ve added a cloud texture that gives a metallic plastic look but for some reason the map gets washed out. Can this be fixed?

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.



Just extended the image area to stop the tiling effect. Still haven’t worked out how to stop the cloud texture washing out the map.

If anyone has a suggestion I’m all ears.