UV Mapping - Help

Is there any chance to edit exist UV map?
I tried it like this:
I imported .fef model into blender, changed into Edit mode, I added new (mesh) object as (Plane).

  • Subdived lower side 1 time, marked seams, split screen, changed into UV/ImageEditor
  • Again selected plane object with B key, pressed U, and choose Unwarp.

Then on other window, vertices was changed, but on 3D view didn’t show any texture on plane object.
Is there any chance to make working this?

Here it’s screenshot of problem:

I can’t either to duplicate exist objects, because program which I’m using to import always give a message “You shouldn’t delete vertex group”.

I wanted to use for more logos on these boots, like on this example (“Adipure logo”).

Is there any chance to make this working, or some other method (tutorial) for this UV’s.


imagetitan isn’t displaying your pics, and i can’t open them. you can use the forums attachment feature to upload pics though.
(edit) norton seems to have detected an intrusion attempt from the site as well. could be a false flag, but you never know.

I upload pictures again.

First picture is showing problem, plane model doesn’t show texture from selected part of UV, and second one is showing for what I need these plane model. (For more logo’s, like this one)