Uv mapping help!

Hi guys!

Not so long version:
I started using Blender like a month ago and since then i only applied basic materials to my mesh’s (?), so a week ago i started getting curious about texturing. So, i started making a low-poly warhammer and wanting to texture it but i can’t seem to get the Uv maps good. I tried a million ways, saw a lot of tutorials, i understand the concept around the seems and stuff but i still cant WarHammer.blend (888 KB)seem to get them right, they always end up way distorted.

So tl:dr version:
I need help Uv mapping a warhammer model, so my main question is if anyone knows a good tutorial or is willing to help me out with the Uv mapping.

Thanks in advance to anyone for reading! :slight_smile:

Apply your object scale to get each axis back to 1 with Ctrl+A in object mode

Organic object are more suitable for the Angle Based unwrap method and hard surface objects like this more suitable for the Conformal unwrap method (look in the toolshelf for unwrap options after you have used U / Unwrap