uv-mapping: how do I align two separate textures?

I have two textures for a certain object, one for bump mapping, the other for color. Even though the pictures I use are the same size, and even made from the same image (with a screenshot of the unwrapped mesh in the backgound), they don’t cover the same parts of the object.

If I open the other image in the UV/image editor, and try to correct, the color will be in the right place, but not the bumps. Or vice versa. How can I align them both?

Hi, after you’ve UV mapped the mesh, leave face mode and open the material buttons.

Load in your colour map to the top texture channel.
Click the Map input tab and click UV instead of the default Orco.

Now load in your bump map into the second texture slot. Turn off Col and turn on Nor.
Click the Map input tab and click UV instead of the default Orco.

They will now share the same UV coords and will line up.

If not let me know.


Hmm. I did all that. But I realize now that my pictures are larger than they’re supposed to be. I didn’t notice when I only had the bump map because it’s mostly just “noise” everywhere except in the middle. So areas far from the center do not line up even if the center does.

I suppose I should have opened the screenshot of the UV-map first, and aligned that to the UV-faces. Then, the other images would have been correctly aligned? I’m confused, I think I’ll have to do some trial and error to get this one right. :-?

At least I know both of my images are aligned on top of each other. It’s actually just the UV-faces you move around and scale, the images stay still, right?

Yes you move the UVs not the image.

There’s a really good coke can tutorial that explains UV mapping well. Check the ‘Help a newbie’ thread too for the misile tutorial.


Thanks, I got it working now. I had to take a new screenshot where the edges of the image was visible as well.

I’ll check out the tutorials. :slight_smile: