UV mapping: how to fix image size

Hi all,
I have an image of bricks I want to use for UV-mapping. I want to re-use it on many meshes but they are all different in size. How to make it so that bricks image don’t get stretched but stay the same size and just gets repeated if the size of the surface is larger then the image?
Now it happens so that my image gets stretched to the whole surface and I have to adjust its size manually.

I find unwrapping ‘Cube projection’ works quite well

remember if you scale the object in ‘Object mode’ then the texture will be scaled. You must scale it in Edit mode

Sorry, can you give more details? I didn’t really get what you mean…

Sorry, I have to repeat my question.
For example, I make a building model. Then I apply UV-image of bricks on its walls. I resize these bricks to make them look realistic in size. Then I make another, different building with other proportions. And I want to apply the same bricks on it. How to make them look the same in size without have to adjust them manually?

Simple answer. You cant. :stuck_out_tongue:

I expected this answer… It was my nightmare. :mad:

Sorry I didn’t reply to your earlier question again. I went on holiday and forgot about the thread.
The only thing I can think of is as I said before.
When you unwrap the mesh using the UV command in ‘UV Face Select’ use the ‘Cube projection’. the size of your bricks will be the same regardless of the size of the mesh (That is assuming you have not scaled the mesh in Object mode - you should scale it in ‘Edit Mode’)

Also, when in the UV/Image Editor - you can select the UV with the A key, then S key and type in a number to scale the UV by and press return. that way you know all your UVs are scaled the same.

Hope that makes sense.