UV Mapping. How to? I have absolutely no clue.

(_Aorus_) #1

See topic. Thx in advance!

(IamInnocent) #2

That’s all I can give you : a clue.

Make a mesh cube.
Split you 3D window in two.
Keep one as a 3D (shift+F5) and make the other an image window (shift+F10)
With the object selected in pink, go to face select mode (FKEY).
In the image window, load your image.
In the 3D window, using UKEY, choose you projection mode : ‘cube’ seems the obvious choice.
The image is now mapped repeatedly on each face : do alt+z (to go in textured mode) so you’ll see the result in the 3D window.
Now if you want to render it :
Get out of face select mode (FKEY again)
Image_map your object with the same image than you just used.
In the material buttons (F5) choose the UV mode instead of the default Orco.

There you have it. It is enough for you to experiment afterward. Also, you could try a search in this forum with ‘uvmapping’ as a keyword since this is a frequent question.

Best luck.

(DAK) #3

What is the different between ctrl-Z and alt-Z? Why why do you have to image map twice the same object?

(IamInnocent) #4

ctrl+z is the shaded mode and alt+z is the textured mode. You really need only alt+z : I wasn’t paying enough attention to my answer and I’ll edit.

In fact, you don’t uvmap twice. The first step is needed to give some uv coordinates (that’s a mean for Blender and other softs to know how to map an image on your object) to your object. The second step, in the material and texture buttons is just to tell Blender to use this image and the uv coordinates you just made.

(BgDM) #5

You also need to press the Text Face button in the material window to make your UV texture show up.


(IamInnocent) #6

That is something I’ve read a number of times but couldn’t verify. Check this screen capture
and you’ll see that I succeed without pressing Text Face. Could you explain a little further ?

(DAK) #7

I have noticed this too, it’s almost a random thing if you need it or not. If only there was a nice tutorial explaining it ALL!!

(BgDM) #8

jeanamontreal: well then, I have no clue! Every tute that I have seen says to use the Tax Face button.

Anyone else have an answer to this?


(IamInnocent) #9

OK I tried ‘TexFace’ by itself after uvmapping an image. The colors are determined by the image as it was uvmapped and the controls for color disappear. Otherwise, it seems that the image cannot be used for anything else but color ; no nor, csp, cmir… All of these are avalaible with the method I described.

Anybody know more ?

(theeth) #10

Basicly, there’s two way to do it. One easy way, more useful when doing rendering of gameblender scenes, and one more suited to rendering.

The texface button is really used at its best when rendering game scene. All you have to do is make one material and assign it everywhere there is a UV map.

The other way is by inserting the image as a texture and selecting the UV mapping mode (instead of the default ORCO). That way, you can use the same UV coordinates to output everything you want (Nor, Spec, Hard, Col, mainly).


(IamInnocent) #11

I found that you can used the alpha channel of your image, if it has one of course.

(Free Mars) #12

If you will notice on the screen capture there is also a teture material added. I would say that this is probably an image. The same image as the UV texture. This would explain why it shows up in the window showing what the material is supposed to look like.

(IamInnocent) #13

Indeed, that is exactly why. As I said that’s my favorite method because it allows image placement by uvmapping and using the image for texture effects like nor, specular ref and the rest. The TexFace method is much more limited but it is simplier and all a game builder can use anyway.

(DAK) #14

I have had enough and give up. uv has too many things to learn and you can never find any tute that explain this all. I am going to use the old simple flat projection thing. Less confusing.

(IamInnocent) #15

Too bad… it makes neat things possible.
But sometimes it is better to let the matter rest for a time.
I’ll try to regroup everything I can and make something as simple and comprehensive as can be.

(BgDM) #16

jeanamontreal: that would be great! If you need any help with it, let me know.


(IamInnocent) #17

This is a prediction : I will :smiley: