(UV Mapping) How to quickly pack several polygons into one-polygon space?

So I have a kind of LED strip on my mesh and I want to texture it with a pattern of dots
which would represent lights. Is there a way to take the whole strip of polygons and automatically
make them occupy the uv space in the size of only one poly (stack them on top of one another)?

I hope my question was clear enough… Thanks!

Next we want to reset the uv maps, this image will help you – http://i.imgur.com/4aulZ4y.png?1

That image shows that you need to click on the mesh data tab… and then delete all the uv maps by clicking that minus button… when there are none left, press the plus button once and it will create a standard map… This ‘should’ be all the UV mapping you need

Wow, that’s so neat, thanks!!