UV mapping: how to unwrap a mesh?

I have been playing around with the UV editor and can do a basic UV map to a mesh or face using a texture. I also understand that I can unwrap the mesh for manipulation in a paint software and then load it as a texture/press UV in map input panel in the material buttons. I have manage to do some basic unwraps with a lot of trial and error but they do not look like what I think it should, or not sure I’m doing it correctly.

I would like to know some concepts of how it is unwrapping with the new tools. I have also gone through new 2.3 doc manual and there is very little explanation. Could someone give a simple demonstration/explanation?


Well, I finally have some free time, so I can get around to my UV Mapping tutorial.

Just be patient and I should have something up for you in the next week or so.


Manual Methode :

With UVMapper Methode : http://lodweb.chez.tiscali.fr/tuts/blender/rm/UVMapper.ram

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Thanks LOD, but the links seem to be not working. Really appreciate the effort to answer my queries.
Thanks BgDM, I am looking forward to your tut!


it works if u copy/paste url :wink:

Thanks LOD. I have a 56k modem and the link is very slow to view the real player files. I did not see the whole tutorial because of slow connection time but what I did see was very good. I think I need an explanation in English as your tutorial is in French, so this is very good for French speaking people and non French speaking with fast connections. For me, I would prefer to download the file and view it from the computer instead of online as the connection is too slow.

I may need to wait for an English tutorial on the new UV tools. Again, thanks LOD! I am sure there will be others who will find this tutorial very useful.

Perhaps this thread could continue with others posting various ways to UV map and unwrap using the new tools in 2.33.