UV-mapping in Subsurf mode :X

(kos) #1

i guess there isn’t any script for UV-mapping in Subsurf mode?is there?i am having problem with my new SECRETE 8) project.

(micabr) #2

I would love to see that as well I really need it for a model that I am working on.

(BgDM) #3

You can UV map to sub-d meshes, it will just be stretched a little more that if you convert to a standard mesh. Converted mesh also allows better placement as there are, obviously, more faces to apply the texture to.

If you allow for the stretching in the sub-d mesh, things should be fine.


(kos) #4

a little stretched texture maps some times look too ugly.especially when the tex-map is something like some text or logo etc.

(slikdigit) #5

sometimes the shape of the mesh allows to get a way with more stretching; if the polys are more ‘square’. I sometimes do this with subDs that have relatively flat faces that give me leeway with geometry.
I agree its not perfect, but better than nothing.

(harkyman) #6

I did the UV mapping for the bird and the cat on live sub-d’s in my animation.

Here and here.

The results can be quite good.