UV Mapping is not working

I guess there is a simple solution to this, but I figure out what im doing wrong…
All im doing is applying a wooden planks texture to a plane. in order to then make the texture show up smaller on the plane, i scaled its uv up. it shows up as i want it in textured view, in the final render however, the texture is still stretched over the plane, though i have the textures coordinate set to uv…
i hope someone can help me with this.


Upload your blend file (pack all textures using File / External Data menu) to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/

I’m sorry, the file is too big to upload…

Well remove unneccessary textures/meshes etc etc.
When you save your blend file ensure you choose the compress option or zip it, upload to another site like Skydrive/Google Drive etc . Use your imagination, Be creative.

Ok, thats really weird. I did as you said and deleted everything but the textured plane from the scene. After doing that, the texture showed up just fine in the render. The only other thing i did was adding a new camera, as i accidentally deleted that too, but i have no idea how that could affect the uv map recognition… im really confused right now…
in case it could still help, here is the file with only the plane in it: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/21245

Ok, i guess i was wrong the whole time, the texture shows up fine in the final render, but not in the rendered 3d view. im sorry for not noticing that, the plane is barely visible in the final render, so i only noticed the problem in the 3d view. but i still want to see the texture displayed correctly in the 3d view.

You have paused the render in the 3d view (pause icon on the right hand end of the 3d view header)

Thanks for the response, but im aware of that, i always pause it when im changing properties for better performance, the problem appears when its unpaused.

In your node tree your texture is not set to use the UV coordinates (Texture Coordinates node). Is that deliberate ? You are also in edit mode and the view will only be updated once you go back to object mode

Alright, the going back to object mode did it, i have no idea how i missed that. thank you very much!