UV mapping issue

I was using the UV editor fine, until I either pressed a wrong key or selected something without awareness of activating an unwanted feature that I don’t know what it is called.

The issue is that I can’t rotate or move individual vertices anymore and there is this unusual large circle that appears when I try to modify the vertices in the UV editor.


You may have hit O and turned on Proportional Editing. Hit O again (while in UV Editor) to turn it off again.

It didn’t resolve the issue. The big circle still keeps appearing and the whole UV map of the mesh is moving when I’m just trying to modify one vertex.

So this icon isn’t lit up?

I’m using blender 2.79 and here is what I see:

You have Proportional Editing turned on. As I said, turn it off with the O key. The letter O.

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Oh now it works… sorry I overlooked the “to turn it off again” statement in your second post. Thank you again John Malcolm 1970.

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