UV mapping issues with imported models

Hello, I’m having some issues with UV mapping. In the below picture I am trying to unwrap a cylinder which should be simple enough however as you can see it isn’t doing it quite right and Ive no idea why :S the cylinder has seams marked on either end and one down the middle. I’m also getting double edges and vertexs that I cant easily clean up with remove doubles and non manifold selection, the only way to correct these that seems work is to manually go over the entire model looking for them which is very time consuming. in an attempt to correct these uv issues I’ve been remaking entire sections of the model in blender, however I cant position these exactly right, is it possible to move sections of meshes and snap them together?

Many thanks

A blender noob :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and Sorry if this question has been asked before and I’ve missed it on the forums.

Yes it is possible to do snapping.


Are the little “fins” I’m seeing in the first image part of the cylinder unwrap?

That could be what is messing up the UVs.

Ugh, how do I unattach images? Ignore the below, I misclicked and now can’t find a way to get rid of it.

Why not? Did you increase the merge distance when removing doubles? W -> remove doubles and then F6. You’ll see the number of vertices removed in the top header while you adjust the value.

There are number of ways to get the UVs nice, but it’s important to have a clean model first.

Go to advanced commenting and click attachments on the toolbar (first row, right next to a smiley).

Ah, I looked everywhere in the attachments window, turns out I overlooked the little tiny X icon that pops up whenever you hover your mouse over the image.