UV Mapping: Join Islands Together...

Is there a way to join two UV islands together so when I press “Average Island Scale” & “Pack UV’s” they will remain on top of each other? I’ll explain what I’m doing a little better.

  1. I have modeled an object with a mirror modifier and UV unwrapped it.
  2. When I apply the modifier it creates two sets of those UV on top of each other, this is what I want.
  3. All of the object on my model are done this way.
  4. I apply all of the mirrors and modifiers and join all the objects on the model. This is fine and the UV’s are ok.
  5. When I average the island scales or pack the UV’s they all split apart creating two sets of each. This I don’t want as its using twice the amount of texture space I require.


Before the Join and Pack

I’ve highlighted in Red the problem, there is now two copies of that UV island, that’s fine, but I’d like them stuck together some how before I pack/scale them. I’ve tried weld and stich but that doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas guys?


I guess you would want to avoid ‘average island scale’. I am not sure what it is, but it sounds like an automatic unwrapping process. Just add a UV test grid, and average them manually, checking to see that they are the correct scale by setting your 3D view to textured draw mode. Then you will be able to see what level of detail each region is recieving, and can scale your islands accordingly with the S key.