UV Mapping Madness

I hope I am in the right forum since this is for a game.

I sucessfully created a terrain model using uv mapping. Everything worked fine and I had no problems.

Second try, when I go into face mode to select faces everything appears to be fine. I can recognize individual faces by the line around it.

HOWEVER, just as soon as I select a face (any face) the entire model goes white with the green and red lines around the face I selected. The problem is, I cannot see the rest of the unselected faces to know where I am selecting.

What did I do wrong??? :< :frowning:

nothing, it’s just that the default color for stuff is white, and if every single face is white it’ll look like a giant white thing. Since no faces are selected they won’t show. The green and red lines mean that the face selected is the primary face. If you make all the faces be light sensitive and then add a light it should look fine. Just don’t set smooth it until you’re done.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Thanks for the help pooba,

Turning on the lights solved my problem

I guess you could say you shed some light on it.

Thanks again