UV Mapping: mesh in UV disapperas after opening an image


I’m just starting to learn Blender and I have a problem with UV Mapping. I searched this forum for similar thread and I couldn’t find one, so please forgive me if you’ve seen this one before.

I made a cow (yeah, I know, it’s gorgeous), and I’m trying to add a texture. I select verticles, unwrap, everything looks ok. But after I add an image in UV editor selected verticles disappear (as you can see in second image). It happens only with my cow, I tried adding various images to cubes, spheres, etc. and everything worked fine. Any ideas?

Here’s the cow:

Select everything in the 3D view and then select the image from the list.

Tried that, did not help

Any other ideas?

Where is your file? upload it to pasteall.org to avoid guessing games.:smiley: no one’s going to rustle your cow! Something weird bout that large face - missing a center dot or it’s in the wrong place?

You’re right, sorry, cow included :slight_smile: