UV mapping multiple parts

How can I get the UV maps of multiple objects into the same image, so I can export the map out of blender in one image.

to make it more clear, I have sword - it has a blade, hilt, handle, etc. Each of these are separate objects. I want to have a UV map for each object, but have them appear in one layout in the UV mapper window, so that all the maps are in one image when I export it. Right now, all I can seem to do is UV map each one separately (only one appears in the UV window at a time)

Any ideas?

my only thought now is to do each one individually, export an image for each, then composite the image, keeping the position of the map for each object the same as it was exported.

Thanks in advance

Shft-select all the parts and join them with Ctrl-J. Calculate the UVMapping and export the layout.

Then you can seperate the parts by selecting everything in Edit mode and hit P and choose “All Loose Parts”.


I think what you may want to look at is creating the different parts of the sword as sepparate groups of only 1 mesh… then you can still edit the groups rather sepparately easily using group selection and such, but for uv mapping you can use it as one object.

I will try each of these, see which way works best for me.