UV mapping newbie

Hey folks, I’m totally new in UV mapping in blender with seams.

Offcourse I have watched a lot of videos covering this, but all the models there was like the monkey head or something very easy to UV. But now after some days I have finaly finished modelling a human model and I would like to UV map it. Still human model is not monkey head and I don’t know how to mark all the seams to make a nice UV map for texturing.

Does any one know where can I find any tutorials about it or lead me right direction?

Ty in advance.

p.s. sorry if there’s some mistakes, I’m not goot at english :stuck_out_tongue:

Think abut what needs to be flat, and cut around those areas. Just do it. If there is such a thing as “wrong” areas, you can always change them.

One thing i tend to do is use the shader colors to mark where my mapping will go.(just incase i have to leave and i forget) One way you can do this is find the the places you want and make sure they are with in a similiar angle. otherwise you will have some weird distortions in the texture. Expirement a little and just correct any mistakes

Oh I think I found out how to use seams! :o

I discovered that I need to make some connections like regions!

Well all is done for now :slight_smile: