uv mapping + nor + spec

Is it possible when you map an object with uv mapping, like was taught in Modron basic uv mapping tutorial, to apply also a nor texture and a specular texture? What i am trying to say is: can i use the same picture (in gray tones) for those three textures? Am i making any sense? %|

Thanks for taking the time and i will just give it nother shot but if anyone has an idea, you are very welcome, thanks.

no problem, just load the nor spec maps into an empty texture channel in the texture buttons, then in material buttons change mapping from ‘orco’ to ‘UV’ then follow standard procedure for bump mapping or spec mapping.
<edit> also turn off ‘tex face’,…you will then have to assign an additional channel for your original image.

so i will not go throught the UV-editor steps but just apply three texture channels? As in first one the original image? and then the nor and spec? Because when i turn off "texface"the previous applied textures are gone.
Am i right here?

And thanks for the very quick reply !! :smiley:

yep you have to reapply your color map in an empty texture channel once you turn off tex face. and don’t forget to change it from orco to uv.

Thank you very much. Now comes the next problem it does look great form a distance but when i animate the object with bones) some faces get awfully stretched taking the texture with them. As i mentioned from a distance it doesnt matter but close up …yeck! Or am i making it too easy for myself just image mapping a little bit complex object?

try scaling those faces up in the UV editor and painting that part of the texture at an increased resolution maybe.

what you do in belnder with UV editor is mainly unwrapping your model and applieng the uv coordinates. this uv snapshot can than be loaded into photoshop to create different maps. these maps can than be loaded into the specific channels like specualr, diffuse, etc.


Thanks all. So if i get it right, Claas, you just unwrap in the uv-editor and export that to Photoshop or Gimp and apply these images as common image maps with UV on instead of ORCO? Going to try that and also the scaling of the faces. Will let you know how things turn out.