UV mapping of a donut

Hi all,

I try a UV mapping on a donut to create a realistic looking, the main purpose is to add a lighter color at the middle of the donut.

But i can’t figure out how to put it on the donut, I had gone through some tutorials but still don’t know what to do with a torus shape. Should i use ‘mark seam’ to make a flat surface of the donut? what is the best way to mark the seam of a torus shape?


This might work for you:

  • mark a seam around the outer circumference of the torus (Alt-click to select, Mark Seam can be found in the Tools window)
  • mark another seam around the inner circumference
  • mark a third seam around a cross-section.

Then unwrap from there. I’ve included a screenshot so you’ll know what I’m talking about. On the right, you can see the three seams I’ve marked; on the left, you’ll see the resulting UV map.

Another possibility is to unwrap with Follow Active Quad, it should make it more simple to texture it

By example, in the UV Editor i create a 1024x256 texture then in the 3D view i select 1 face in your full quads model

That face will be our Active Quad (the little greying over it indicate that it’s the active face)
Then press U -> Unwrap, it should lead in that :

Select the non-straight edges and press W -> Align Auto, so you obtain this more straight squared UV :

Now in the 3D View press A 2 times to Select All, make sure the Active Face (the little greying hint about it) is always the same face we selected originally, if not press SHIFT and click 2 time on that face to unselect and reselect it with it becoming active (the greying over it)

Press U -> Follow Active Quad
At the popup window, just click OK

In the UV Editor, Select All the UV then click on UV -> Pack Island to have the huge UV fitting the 1024x256 texture, rescale again if you wish


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That “follow active quad” technique, and maybe all three of these techniques, needs to go into the WikiDocs.

If that is for a static image, simple two loops -one underneath, another further away from camera across, marked as seems and simple Unwrap could be sufficient to get good result.

actually i have try to ‘cut’ the same way rontarrant suggested, but the unwrap result is different… may try to read up more. thanks!

Nice one. Didn’t know about this.