UV Mapping Orientation Cues Missing in 2.46+

The new modeless UV mapping system is certainly a step forward in many ways. However, a feature that existed in pre-2.46 versions seems to be missing now. In the old system, one could select a polygon and it’s edges would be color coded so that you could see the orientation of the polygon in the 3D window versus the UV mapping window. Those color coded edges aren’t there in the new system and I’m having trouble determining the orientation of some quads. The old system made it very easy to see the orientation and to tell, for example, if a poly in the UV map was mirrored.

So, is there something I’m missing in the new system that gives this information? If not, I would like to submit a feature request. However, the bug submission area specifically states that it’s not the place to submit feature requests. Is there a way to submit a feature request?

The “Sync UV and Mesh Selection Button” in the UV editor header may be useful here.

@ CD38, well, it’s not as nice as the color coded edges, but it definitely does help. Thanks.