UV Mapping Problem! Weird line on the model

Hi, am fairly new to blender. When i texture the model, the model has a line at the edge of the Uv part.

Am trying to blend the the colors near the spot but it doesn’t work. and yes, i did the edge padding.
Any suggestion would be really helpful. thank you.

when you look at your UV map, check those edges to see that the painting extends beyond the edge of the UV coords. if it doesn’t, paint those bits from the UV editor, then go back to the 3D window, and smooth over the seams if there are any artifacts left.

Yep! painting extends beyond the edge of the UV cords (this is what edge padding means right?) but i still find that UV seam line. Is there anything am missing?

go to edit mode, deselect all, and from select menu choose: select non manifold, just to make sure that it’s not an actual hole in your model. if there is you’ll see it.