Uv Mapping Problem

i was uv mapping half my sword model when got done i turned the picture and was bout to uv the next side but it was messed up it wouldnt do the shape of the face like it use to it only made a huge box equal to the size of the picture spot you gotta fit it in why ? please i really need him this is my first try T.T

Perhaps you used a modifier that wasn’t Applied?

hmm ?
what do you meen ?
ill check second

was doing fine then i do other side right after and it just sucked up
is it possible to just make the other side replicate were the others are and shaped ?

It would help if we could get a screen shot or a blend. Then someone may be able to give you a more specific solution.

ok give me sec and stay here im getting you one
how do i attach a file the attach button isnt pulling down

If you hit the main reply button, then hit the little paper clip attachment icon, which should result in a window popping up, in which you can browse through your files and attach one.

Great Claymore(two hand sword).blend (148 KB) here

Ok, I think I solved your problem… You had to flip some of your normals, and put a seam on your mesh. Here’s the blend.


Great Claymore(two hand sword).blend (149 KB)

ty any chance you can tell what i did wrong ? so i can try to stop from doing it again

Yeah, sorry I should have mention I was going to prepare a little mini tut, give me a couple minutes.

oh and wow howd you do that im noob tho i dont get how i will skin the thing cause looks like theres some gaps i think ? or wierdly formed a little bit could you tip before you leave
you rock dog ^-^ first time i got such nice and quick reply
got xfire or steam so i can add you to friend and if so whats your id

Ok, so I assume you mirrored some part of your sword mesh, and the parts that are mirrored become inverted, so you need to go into edit mode, then texture mode, and then deselect your mesh, then you find the transparent parts of your mesh and select them. Then look down in the editing panel, look in the mesh tools tab, and click on the flip normal button. Then in edit mode I selected the center verticies in side veiw, then pressed Ctrl+e then clicked mark seam, selected the entire mesh pressed u, and clicked unwrap. then I just messed around with the mesh in the UV edit window until it looked right. I hope that helps.

oh ok cool can you explain that seem thing a little i dont understand it as much cause if you look in file you sent back it looks like some of them arent connected or holed in it so im sorta confused a lil *its in the uv part

Hmm… that’s weird, I just noticed all the strange triangles in the edit window and missing pieces, I’m not sure what’s causing that, strange.

This is where my noobishness shows :slight_smile:

hmm dude how i do the unwrap and seem thing i tried redo it and it is messing up cant find out make it turn to uv place

Ok, I fixed the the first problem, I unwrapped the handle and blade separately.


Great Claymore(two hand sword)-2.blend (149 KB)

Did you go into edit mode select your mesh, press u and click unwrap?

hmm i dont see how fixed or were could you check if sent wrong file or and add how you do the seem and unwrap thing i dont unerstand it
like what to select and stuff and yess on that last file i did