Uv Mapping Problem

I think I had the wrong file at first, try it again now.

eek still has the triangles ? gives me better understanding tutorial of the seem and unwrap thing so i understand what it does and how to and ill try that and see if its just during download thank you by the way for helpming me ^-^ you rock

Sure, no problem. Let me try to whip up a little tut with some nice pics.

thank you man im so sorry im such a noob at uv mapping

Ok I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other problems.


Good model :slight_smile:

ty but one thing is how would i do the skinning ? it looks okward how it comes out notice the hilt and stuff >.<
nvm i guess just curve it a bit

thanks for model complement its my first model pretty much ^-^ learning the uv mapping

It’s basically like cutting paper figures and making them flat. You need to mark seams, with practice you’ll learn.

hmm cool but like what all would i crease on a person with sleeves and tabard that hangs and stuff and stuff under it its wierd i dont quite get how it would work

Woot heres the final product thanks to your guys help

Woot my first skin model and thanks to you guys uv map