UV Mapping problem


I am working on a aircraft skin for a model in Blender. I have just hit a tricky problem that I am not sure how to workaround. Wondering how the Pro’s cope with this ?

I am trying to UV map the fuselage object, I have 2 choices, either I UV Map with a side projection (“Project from view”) or I do an "Unwrap.

I am trying to paint the texture now, I am painting panel lines and rivets (imagine this as a hoop around the fuselage)

If I project from view, my painted panel lines come out nice and straight, but viewing on top the rivets are all stretched as expected.

However if I try the “Unwrap” option, then it fixes my stretched rivets, but my straight panel lines now come out horribly curved.

Any ideas for a workaround please ?


I think one option is to individually unwrap sections at a time, meaning you select a group of faces and unwrap, then pin them in place once you scale and rotate them where you want them in the editor, and repeat until you have the areas worked out.

You should look at marking careful seams to show it where to unwrap at, and then maybe you could use Unwrap(smart projections) and see if that helps. Also one other thing - under the UV Calculation tab, you could swap to Conformal instead of angle Based and see if you get a better start shape.

Good luck - hope you work it out!