Uv mapping problem

Hello, heres the problem i have:
I tried also seaming in rings only but still same problem
Any help will be appreciated.

The problem is the texture, not your UV mapping job.

The texture needs to be made to be continuous. You could just use a rust material, but if you want, post the image and I could show you how to make it continuous with an image editor like GIMP.

Here it is, I use a program called Imagelys Picture Styles to make textures seamless but i cant make them come good all the time.


I’ll show you how to do this, but I would recommend looking at these materials:

Give me a few minutes, and I post a small tut.

The main issue is that the 2 edges of the image aren’t continuous. Meaning the 2 edges don’t line up. So when you use a texture on a round object, it creates a seam. As you can see, the edges on this image aren’t continuous.

Since we know every other bit of the image is continuous, I usually start by putting the ‘seam’ in the middle of the image. So cut out one half of the image, and put it on the other side of the remaining half putting that unsightly seam right in the center of the image. So we’ll have something like this

Now that we can see the seam clearly. I just smudged the edge up a bit in GIMP, then used the heal tool to make the seam disappear. This was the end result, a seamless continuous image.

(I didn’t pay to much attention to making this line up, so if it doesn’t work, you can just do it yourself).


Thanks Tindytim, very good approach :slight_smile: