UV mapping problem

Hi. First post always has to be about a problem, right?

I’ve been attempting to UV map a bump pattern to a specific area of a mesh, however the render has some strange results that I can’t get rid of. You can see in the picture below that the bump map is correctly applied to the UV mapped area but for some reason the bump map then repeats across every face on the sphere even though they were not selected or UV mapped.:eek:

The mapping mode is set to ‘extend’ and this technique has worked for me in the past without any problems, so I am totally clueless on why this is happening now. Any help would be appreciated.

A larger screenshot is attached.

You just forgot to sellect map to “UV” in the mapping coordinate options.

You may not have unwrapped the other faces but they still have uv coordinates, so the texture will also be applied to them. Select the other faces you want blank and in the uv/image editor drag them outside the image area (G X 1). In the texture mapping you may want to select ‘Extend’ depending on what is on your image. You may not see this in the 3dview, only when rendered.

Yes, I think you are right. I should have loooked at the picture, but I still think it says that it is mapped to generated.

It is set to UV mapped, but I’ll give your suggestion a try Richard.

Yep, that fixed it (UV mapping the whole object). Dang, just when I thought I was understanding UV mapping…

Thanks for your help.

Yep… every face has both (X,Y,Z) and (U,V,W) coordinates. Mapping allows you to arbitrarily control where any face’s position falls upon the UV map, but every face is there somewhere.

You can assign more than one material to an object, and associate any (one) material with any face. But nodes are a considerably more flexible way to approach many problems like this, because they enable you to treat, say, “the base color,” and “the bumps,” and “specular effects” and what-have-you as separate problems, and then to combine their influences as you prefer.