UV Mapping problem.

I don’t know if I’m doing this right or not, I’ve followed a few tutorials and now I’ve decided to give it a go with a proper model that I’ve been working on, I’ve ran into a problem or two though.

The first is that I can’t seem to have 2 different UV Images.
Say, one with a texture on for a robe and one for a skin texture.

To solve this though, I just added all of the unwrapped models to one UV image, scaled them and then painted lines on to divide where one ended and another began.
I then went into Photoshop and painted my textures into each area.

Again, this is where the problems began and I can’t seem to fix it.

No matter where on the UV Image I move the unwrapped model, the body always gets some of the robe texture on it.

See image;

That isn’t the whole UV Image, the bit in the bottom right is a small corner sectioned for my robe texture.
But ALL of the skin’s unwrapped mesh is ontop of the skin texture in the UV Image editor.

If any other information is needed, let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for ANY and ALL help :smiley:

(EDIT: It only seems to do this when I render an image, in the 3D View window, with textured view on, there’s no trace of the robe texture on his skin, it only does that when I render it.)



It took me a while but I figured it out.
Turns out I had it tiled about 30 times on Y axis for some reason. :S