uv mapping problems

(TazyTiggy) #1

I am having trouble getting my image in map in the uv editor. I selected all the faces and put them all in the spots I wanted. Then a took a sreen shot and imported it into GIMP, made the map. But when I go back to blender to load the picture in the UV editor it will not load. I have already mapped another part of the model with no problems what so ever. If I go out of face select mode in the 3d window and nothing is selected my picture shows up in the UV editor window. I have tried this in 2.23 and 2.25 and I get the same results. My picture is a jpg. Can someone tell me what the problem is. Thanks.

This is the map I made

(TazyTiggy) #2

I know I’m replying to myself here, but it seems that even though it didnt show up in the uv editor window, the map is on the model. Which doesn’t make any sense. Guess now I have to get all the lines out. I merged the wrong layers together. :wink: