uv mapping project. *rckt lanchr done*

this is my first time ever trying to uv map something myself, and not using a tut.

i modeled the older version of the halo SMG. and used a pic of it to use as a UV map.
the gun modle has 1457 verts, and 1414 faces. and every single thing that you see there is UV mapped. yes even the little square thingy…i was boared




dont crit on the model, just on how i mapped it.

C&C, and any suggestions are welcome

<EDIT> heres the pic i used.


(i have some more pics of the top and front, and i will be mapping that too)

i supdivided, and subsurfed(whatever) a couple things to make it look a bit better, and i did some more mapping.



no C&C?! i need to know if this is really bad, or if i am good enough to start texturing on my project models.

oh, and for fun:

C&C(not for the gun rack…)

Thats really good first when I looked at your reference pic I thought it was just a copy of your work so it looks very good.

Good job. Make more 8)


wow thx guys. i was starting to like the model so much that i decided i would make the rest of the old weopons for halo. so that will be my new peoject.

heres my START on the rocket launcher.




fixed something i didnt notice earlier…


Looking really good. But the rockets don’t look like rockets. I know that’s what the ref looks like. But would look alot better if they didn’t looked like big bullets.

this a bit better? top is the old missles, and bottom is the new one


Nice model!

Man your getting good!

May have to do a FPS now! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :o :smiley:

lol, thanks enriq. but i have no idea how to use the game engien…altough i have started expiramenting since the lates 2.33 release…

ok well here is the finished model. (no those are not normal problems, its the shadow’s)



now onto mapping…oh how fun…







Looking really good :smiley: But they still look like bullets :frowning: Should be alot pointer, almost sharp. It may not be so, but the rockets look much to small for the barrel size.

looks great. I do agree with mr_bomb that the rockets look like bullets though.

ok ill change them…

I actually think they’re fine. I’ve seen some pictures of projectiles on internet and yours look like one of the types I saw. So they look fine… to me at least. :wink:


Update enough, man? Seriously good work. I am in severe need of UV mapping skills. Just check out my WIP Skeeter Ship. Terrible, random mech texture.

thanks! im glad you guys like it :slight_smile:

NQE1: i suggest you run through this thread real fast, just to get the basics of UV mapping


(you have to download the file that modron posted…)

this is where i started (thanks Modron)