UV mapping PS to Blender

I’ve imported my texture onto my mesh which is UV unwrapped (Lots of Booleans were used) the text appears on the UV, but it wont appear in the viewports. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

There is no image texture in the material that can be seen. You can go to> add> Texture> image Texture. Or simply drag the marked symbol into the shader editor using drag & drop.

Thanks for that Mario, I added the texture node, the texture appeared on the UV map, but it came out black and pixelated, but the font colour is white, how can I get my font white and non pixelated?

You are running it through the Noise Texture.
Split off the noise texture and add it to either the specular or the roughness slots…add the texture to a color ramp, to push up the white, run your noise through a Bump node to get the grain from the noise…etc etc… Here is just one way you could do it, and this is from the screen grab, not your original…

Hi RSEhlers, thanks for replying to my question.

I made new UI elements, this time 300 PPI so my text doesnt show pixelated.

I did add the Nodes, and worked well the text coming through, but unfortunately the UV mapping of the text, has gone out of place, and cannot figure out why this is happening since I’ve used as a template the UV which I exported… I added the UI elements in Adobe, then exported as a PNG file. When applied within Blender, the text wont fall in place on my UV projected from view mesh. What am I doing wrong?

Be sure the image ratio is the same, and what are you exporting dimension wise for the png?
It seems the PNG has a different size than the top view.
Crop the top view image exactly as needed, adjust the Illustrator file on top, export again.
See if that works, as 99% of the time it’s scale differences.

hope it helps.

I tried that, the file size from illustrator is 1024 x 1024, just like Blender exports the same ratio. But it’s not getting scaled properly. I’m pretty sure I’ve done something wrong and messed up the file. But hopefully it can be solved.