UV mapping puts image on reverse of cube face


I’ve created a cube, changed to UV Face Select mode, right-clicked to select a face i want to put an image onto, opened the UV Editor, opened the image and Blender puts it in the reverse face i.e. the face that isn’t actually visible. I confirm this by rotating the view around and there it is, the 3d viewport shows me the image on the invisible side of the face i was just trying to paste the image onto.

I can’t understand this. And no matter how many times / how careful i am to select the face i want the UV Editor keeps putting the image on the reverse side of the face.

What am i doing wrong?


Maybe try selecting all and then W> Flip Normals… It seems to come up from time to time that the normals in relation to my uv unwrap are reversed from what I would expect.

Hi Craig,

Sorry, didn’t see your post. For some reason the RSS feed for this forum doesn’t update all the messages posted, and yours was one of them (hello mr. moderator -hint hint!)

What’s come up is exactly what you describe, the uv face select seems to be selecting exactly the opposite of what you would exepect. Unfortunately i tried Flip Normals, but that didn’t seem to it. Blender still puts my image on the exact other side of whatever face i select in the 3d view using UV Face Select. Thing is, if i do this on the other cubes, i’ve got three cubes, Cube, Cube.001, and Cube.002 respectively, i get no problem at all-- the image goes straight onto the face i select.It only happens with one cube.

This has got to be something really stupid. I come on people, how can a problem that is so obvious defeat the great minds of you plus me? I’ve created this great model and now i’m stuffed over some triviality, it’s like writing War and Peace and then not working out how to edit the heading on Microsoft Word.



Hi All,

Sorry i seem to be talking to myself again. Seems on this particular cube where the faces where displaying an image on the reverse side instead of what the side i clicked on must have been one-sided or something, because as soon as i went (on the 3d-view) to Face / Active Draw Mode / Two Sided with the face selected i was having a problem with it started to work as i expected. Perhaps the face was set to draw one side only, which happened to be the reverse side so maybe i was changing the image on it really but didn’t realise.

Still, i added this cube using the normal procedure, SPACEKEY / Add / Mesh / Cube, went into UV Face Select mode, selected the face, opened the UV Image Editor and opened the image as i did all the others. Actually, not like the others come to think of it, the others i did AKEY select all before opening the image in the UV Image Editor. That technique worked with the cube i was having problems with but i didn’t want all the faces to have the image, only one face.

Has anybody out there got any real clue what is going on? Or perhaps they could point me to where i could read-up on faces, two-sideness or one-sidedness, all this kind of stuff?

It’d be much appreciated!! :slight_smile:


p.s. i’ve just checked this and it appears that i’m still having the same problem. By forcing the problemmatic face to be ‘Two-sided’ i made the image which was still going on the reverse side show through but i’m still selecting the reverse side of the face i right-click on; i discovered this when i realised my images were reversed, so what’s with this cube? All my other cubes work fine. Thank you!! :slight_smile:

I know this sounds like i’m writing a monologue, but i just wanted to thank Craig because his suggestion was right. All i did was select the face that was ‘facing’ the wrong way in Edit mode with Face select mode on, then did Mesh / Normals / Flip; there’s another way to do it, in Edit mode in the Edit section / Mesh Tools panel is a button Flip Normals; and in case you’re not sure what the normals are and you wanna know there’s an option to Draw Normals also available in Edit mode in the Edit section / Meth Tools 1 : Draw Normals. This shows you a little graphic on each face so you can see what these ‘Normals’ are and what they’re doing. Took me a while to figure it out, but i hope this helps someone.