uv mapping question special!

hi, i been a new user, and i have terminated multiple model, and so i must it create uvmap but, my uv map is a just special!

so for that you know, i insert here a picture from another map we is used by other model!
and so i would create a so uvmap!

also can’t you me help for create a so model of uvmap?

i know that i must select up face and under face, but the rest i don’t know!

ok thank’s

At the top of this forum there’s a sticky post labeled “watch and learn --video tutorial list–”. On the very first page use your browser’s search function and look for “uv”. You’ll find GreyBeard’s excellent video tutorial on uv-mapping and unwrapping at ibiblio.

Have fun!

In the 3D window arrange your model so you look down on it (Numpad-7 for Top View). Hit F (face mode) and U (UV Calculation) and select “From Window”.

Open a UV/Image Editor Window.

With your mouse cursor in the UV/Image Editor Window hit A to select All UV’s and scale and move them so they fit into the gray Image Area.

Open a Scripts Window and in the Scripts Menu hold your mouse cursor over the “UV” menu and left click “Save UV Face Layout”

Follow steps 1 2 & 3. This will export a .tga image of your objects face layout as shown in the UVEditor. (you will find it in the directory that you filled in for Textures in the User Prefs. If you didn’t fill anything in there it will be where Blender.exe lives)

(Do the same for the underside or the faces you need maps of)

Take these to the Gimp or other paint program and cut and paste them into 1 new image. Then paint what will be on the faces you see marked in red on the .tga (You can now see which faces you are painting).

Now you can UV-map the painted image onto the model exactly the same way you exported it as “From Window”.

(son espanol?)