UV Mapping Question

OK, so I made this cartoony face and I’m gonna UV Map it.I have a couple of problems. First off,what edges do I select to mark the seam…(eg. the middle edges)My second question is when i have the texture on my model in object mode how do I render it with the texture???I know these are dumb questions but please help me!!!

I personally got a lot out of the video tutorials, easier for me to see how someone is doing a process. Then go and look at the static page tut’s, and documentation should make more sense.


Yes, agreed.

For a quick fix though, just using the UV editor isn’t enough to apply the texture. You must next go to the edit buttons, give your object a new material (if it doesn’t have one, or if you want to apply multiple UV maps to the same object), then go to the material buttons and create a new texture: map from UV, map to color, etc., then go to the texture buttons and select texture type of ‘Image’ and choose the texture you UV mapped in the editor from the drop down box.

Hope this helps.

OK, i’m VERY stubborn,could you write a mini tut???That would help.Now…wht edges do I mark a seam on for LSCM Unwrapping a face…it is a cartoony face…nothing special for sure.That is all I need.



Thanks Fligh % that helped.That was confusing though.Is there any way you can mark a seam that will unwrap the WHOLE face without all the other stuff???

The thing about Seams:

There is no “generic” way of placing seams or of ‘unwrapping’ a mesh simply because each modeller puts his mesh together diferently. Some are high poly and others low, some adhere strictly to edgeloops others have loops that run off into nothing, some use tri’s and others not.

The answer is to mark seams and project them. If they don’t work then delete them and mark them using some other criteria and project them. Do this 5 or 6 times and duplicate the mesh(es) with the best results. Then go back and start pinning and projecting those. It sounds like a schlep but you get good and fast at it.