UV Mapping question

OK, I’ve gotten over the fact that unwrapping even simple geometry sometimes results in badly skewed faces, and I’ve resigned myself to manually adjusting my meshes. My question is this:

Can’t I pan the UV/Image editor view? I can zoom in and out, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to pan the view up/down/left/right. This seems impossible, so I must be missing something. Help?

You should be able to pan the view by using the middle mouse button or alt-left mouse button.

alt-LMB works. Thanks. :slight_smile:

The keys are different enough running Blender on Mac OS to give me a real headache sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue: The tutorials one can find online are generally slanted to Windows/Linux users.

Here’s another question while I’m at it:

I’ve got a cylinder (has a beveled edge, but that’s it.) I’ve marked as seams the vertices defining the circle on each end (both outisde and inside the bevel), and I’ve marked a single edge along the length of the cylinder as a seam.

Now, intuitively, if this were a real cylinder I could pop off both circular ends along the seams (which blender does beautifully), and then simply unroll the remaining tube into a nice rectangle.

Blender keeps wanting to skew the rectangle in all sorts of funny angles, rather than just giving me nice right angles. I understand that using the Unwrap algorithm isn’t perfect, but it seems like simple things should come out simple.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this just the way Blender is?

If you just unwrap the rolled up only (ie press L while in uv mode with cursor over centre rolled up part) and do an unwrap you’ll get a better result its when you unwrap diferant shapes i think it has to skew it about.
What you can do is select the whole mesh and unwrap then select the centre rolled up part only and unwrap that then when you select all it should lok much better.

But then saying that if you just unwrap a tube with no ends it skews it anyways.

I’m not sure I’m following you. Unwrap the whole thing, then unwrap just the cylindrical portion a second time?

I’ve tried selecting ONLY the faces of the cylinder excluding the ‘caps’, but got a very similiar result, with the angles all skewed. Is it possible that it was getting its information from a previous unwrap?

I just tried the “L” thing (Didn’t know about that. What does that do? Select up to the seams?) The results were much better but still not right angles. I think I’ll live, though.


I dunno exactly what it does, if you change the length of the cube it alters the angel of the unwrap so it must try and skew it to fit the uv window in some way.

The L key in uvmode is the similar as in edit mode where you can select linked faces but as you said it select upto seams.