UV Mapping question

Ok, so I’m finally attempting UV mapping and I have what is probably a very basic question, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out!

When I have a material that has a specular color other than white, how do I get the UV mapped texture to show a white specular??? My problem is this: I have a red car paint material I’m using that I want a black stripe image to be UV mapped onto. The red material has a red specular assigned to it and when I render it, the red specular shows through the black image and makes it look like the black is transparent. If I change the specular to pure white, I get the effect I want on the black stripe, but lose the desired effect of my red car paint?!?! Is there a way to do it so the UV’d texture has a different specular reflection than the material?

I’m going nuts here! Please help! :spin:

you need two materials I think. One for the black and one for the red. You can use your image as a mask or assign different materials to different polygons.

I know about the different materials to different polygons deal, as I’ve done it a ton of times. My problem is that where I want the black is nowhere close to the right shape if I use that method. How do you use an image as a mask???

check here
under Texture>Influence check Stencil and the texture becomes an alpha mask for the textures listed below it in the Texture window.

Stencil doesn’t seem to change anything, any other ideas anyone??? There’s gotta be a way, I’m just too blender stupid at this point to know what it is!