UV Mapping question

Hi there first of all, first time on the forums for me. :slight_smile:

I’ve been busy UV Mapping lots objects with tiled textures lately and one thing that is seriously irritating is scaling of the faces between the 3D viewport and the 2D UV Mapper.
Is there any solution/possibility that I can use/maintain the same surface area for a face between the 3D View and the 2D Unwrapping?
Basically have Blender not unnecessarily scale the mesh faces when I unwrap them?
I would love it If I could somehow simply use project from view for flat surface objects such as houses to get equally scaled unwraps so I can fit them together into one long line that, say maps around the building so I can get nice scaled tiling and good texture seams were surfaces connect. Its really painfull matching these accurately.
Would really appreciate any help, even If you just share some technique that works.

Before you unwrap ensure the objects scale is 1 for each axis. If not you can reset them with Ctrl+A / scale.
Place seams to ensure a clean unwrap.
Pinning selected vertices § may give you control over difficult unwraps
For organic objects its usually best to set the unwrap method to ‘Angle Based’. For non-organic you may get better results set to Conformal.
When unwrapped you can average the islands scale with Ctrl+A or from the UV menu

Many many thanks for pointing out the Average Islands feature to a Blind person :o
Now I only have to first unwrap all islands before hand. Then align the islands, makes things that much easier.