UV Mapping--Ready to beg

Please someone help me out a bit here.

Ive modeled a cell phone in Wings3D. Set up Materials in Wings, exported the model as a wavefront OBJ and ran that OBJ through UV Mapper ( a stand alone program).

Now how do I apply the texture in Blender??? Ive tried everything that makes sense to Me.

Ive scoured this forum for info as well. And cant find anythign that covers what I need.

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<edit> you probably need the second ‘intermediate’ one, the link to which is located at the top of the first one.

Thanks Mod. That helped a bit. I think my biggest problem is lack of time to learn this.

Anywho, thanks again

there’s a new unwrapping feature too that you should check out,…do a search for ‘LSCM’. beats UV mapper imo.

Yah I saw that. But when I tried it here it kept crashing my system.