UV Mapping/Simple Coloring Issues

Hey guys

I’m brand new here to the 3d world, and am trying to do my own little crash course using several different tools, Blender being one of them. Hopefully someone with more knowledge and experience can point me in the right direction.

I’ve created this model in a cheapo program called EasyToy. It really speeds up the design process for a newbie such as myself. The only problem is that it does a horrible job at UV Mapping, and when I export to Wavefront OBJ and try to render in Blender/Photoshop/Kerkythea, I get jagged crackling lines all over the model from seemingly randomly generated UV seams. All I really need to do is have each mesh shape be a different color, no fancy texturing here. So my question is, what would be my best bet for getting simple colors onto this model? Do I try to use Blender’s Texture Painting, or try to unwrap the whole thing myself (From what I understand of the unwrapping process, would this not take several hours?)

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide


I’ve never heard of EasyToy but I would recommend learning UV unwrapping in Blender. It’s not that difficult and you have to learn the process anyway sooner or later.

I recently unwrapped a full body, inspired by the great tutorials available. Check out the ones on Vimeo, for example:

Good luck!

BTW, your model looks cute!

Thanks! Those videos helped a lot, I’ll see what I can manage in Blender.