UV Mapping Trouble

Hey, I just finished my egyptian style pyramid and a small temple complex, and it is looking very good. Trouble is, I made it out of multiple parts, and since it’s my first project, it does look good, but it’s a little messy on the garbage side. I just finished the task of reordering anything, removing faces, double vertex and the like and it’s looking great. Now I wanna apply a texture to it. The fact is that once I enter the UV Image Editor on one pane, the other pane, I select the whole thing, and unwrap it. The site being constructed mostly of many pieces, the UW Mapping looks very … confusing. So my question is … Is there a way to order it nicely? Or I export the whole stuff and just paint it in conjunction with the selection in the 3D view to get my bearings right?

One way to do it nicely is selecting a polygon/face, then adjusting that in uv editor.
Adjusting what area of image is on the polygon R key to rotate in 3d view. Then selecting next polygon and so on.Its a tedious way but perhaps best, depends on the project. If you happen to be lazy you could select the whole model and do -> select all faces and press u and do (smartprojections). Depends on the model which method is best there are lot of other methods too as you will see. Very many options…
I dont use uv usually unless its necessary, it often is though.

So basicly you have the map/texture before texturing, but oh well :slight_smile: alternatives to that too…

And of course I dont need to texture sides the player never see’s. I tried smart project, it’s an improvement, only problem is the export script produces so low quality tga’s even at high res.