UV mapping trouble

hello guys, I have been working on a cool hanger scene and I decided it deeded a UV map. I found a few pics and projected from view the ground. In textured view I could see all of the UV maps. but in every other view, and render, I cant see a thing. What could I have done wrong?

To view textures in 3d views, just click on the button right of the mode indicator - it switches between display modes (wireframe, bounding box, textured, etc…). To render your texture on the object, you have to assign a material with your texture to the object. Look at the buttons at the bottom: in Shading (F5), click on the Material buttons (icon looks like a red sphere), find a tab named “texture” and add a new texture there by clicking “Add new”. Name it whatever you want. Then click on the Texture buttons (F6) under Shading (icon looks like a square of an animal skin). You should see your new texture there. Chose “Image” as a texture type. A new tab - “Image” - should appear on the right. Click “Load” and load your image that you used to UV map your mesh. Switch back to the Material buttons and find the tab named “Map Input”, it should be near the “Texture” tab. Click on the “UV” button there and you’re done - you added a new image texture to your material and told the texture to abide by your UV mapping.

Hope you don’t need any pictures :slight_smile: