UV Mapping Troubles (way to link non-(adjacent?) verts to each other) blender 2.57

OK, so I know that when you wield two adjacent verts together in the UV editor they will merge into a single vert. Conversely, if you wield two non adjacent verts together they go one overtop the other, but do not merge into one vert. Is there a way to wield or link two non adjacent verts so that when i select and move one, the other will always move with it?

Example: Both of my game quality (low poly) model’s arms should have the exact same UV space in order to minimize on uv texture layout space, so I line them up ontop of each other. Good. But now I want to move them around as i see fit, only when I go over them and hit “L” to select the verts it selects the right arm, but not the underlying left arm. As it is I have to use “B” and then go though hassle of de-selecting other parts and bits.

Is there and easier way?

Much love,
Going Crazy in Nashville.

Island select is what you want, I believe.

It selects the top arm, and if i shift select to try to get the bottom one, it deselects top one. Seems like it considers each arm a different island, though they are stacked perfectly on each other. Unless there is something I am missing.

It is very close though. If it could select both layers at once, island select would be perfect.

Odd…It works as expected on my system with shift+RMB. Could it be a bug in your build? A workaround you can try is selecting a vertex from each island you want to select and then pressing ctrl+L. This should select all vertices linked to your selection. Alternately try selecting islands by pressing L while hovering over an island, then pressing shift+L to select subsequent islands.

Hope this helps.


Yeah, I am beginning to think it could be my hardware, because I know that the shift “L” should work, but it isn’t on mine.

would still like a way to connect 2 unrelated verts together, would make for easier workflow, though realistically, I should have done all that before applying mirror modifier. c’est la vie.