UV mapping troubles with Blender Render -- need fresh eyes on this

I give up. I cannot figure out why this utterly simple operation don’t work for me:

(1) loaded image to map the geometry according standard procedure for Blender Render
(2) Checked that settings are made in UV/Image editor
(3) Checked that settings are done correctly in Properties --> Materials/Texture editor

But still: mapping, no show in render. blend-file submitted.

Can someone explain what I have messed up?

Kind regards and with thanksfulness for any help

catalina_08.zip (485.5 KB)

Your file is not behaving nicely, but I’ve done the minimum changes to get it to render with the Blender Render.

catalina_08_BlenderRender.zip (487.3 KB)

@ DamianJ
Amazing, thanks alot. Still learning to get the grasp of nodes (and not just copy pasting existing, proved setups), this is a very great example.

Your hands on demonstration help me indeed to analyse and understand the matter for a more suitable procedure.

Yet my initial thought was to utilize old style blender practise why you may wonder why I try to cling to the latter:

I have very fine experience exporting geometry (with textures) for use in other programmes, in this case Moho 12 (a 2D animation programme).

But this doesn’t seems to be the case when using nodes i Blender. It tends to distort the exported output thus Moho refuses the nice example you kindly made for me when attempting to export the file as wavefront .OBJ.

Yet very helpful with your nice example: Is it possible to receive the same result “conventional and nodefree” – if you understand what I mean?

Kind regards and thanks again

@ DamianJ

I made it to export as .OBJ-file with corresponding textures (.MTL-files) to Moho! Still there’s problems in the texture, but Ill work this out. This has to do with packing the texture image in Blender. The main idea is that the nodes approach will work and that is very good. This also make me confident about switching to Blender 2.80 (all node based) to come. Thanks!