UV Mapping: Unwrapping of human head shows no result.


I created a human head. In order to put some texture on it, I would like to create
an UV map (as described in so many tutorials).

So i put some seams on the head, and want to unwrap it. But the UV-image just stays empty.

When I try it with any other basic object (e.g. a newly created UV-sphere or a box) it works. The UV image shows a correct 2D image of the objects surface.
But not for my created head.

Is there anything else required for an object to be able to be UV-mapped?


After adding seam to the head, did you select all the face before unwrapping?

Yes, I did. But still, the uv-image stays empty.

That is strange. This feature normally works for me; I’ve unwrapped heads before with no problems. If you can provide the blend file, I could take a look at it and see if I can’t get it to work.


Ah… just found a solution by myself:

The model contained particles (hair) and separate objects (eyes). Removing them did not work. But after I appended the head
to a brand new blend file, it unwrapped the head correctly.
Maybe all the other objects interferred with it so that it did not work.

However, thank you for support. :yes:

Your welcome. Best of luck on your project.